These are the people you will always see at Entourage

So predictable

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Every Thursday night at Entourage these crazy characters come to let their hair down. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t know them.

So don’t lie.

The ones that hog the free food

Entourage is known for its free food giveaways- whether this be pizza, hotdogs, pancakes or anything else that will keep you going before your greasy takeaway at the end of the night.

The foodies, those who are determined to get as much free snacks as possible, will hover around the entrance eyeing the food table and trying to smuggle as much as they can without being labelled greedy.

The ones that ALWAYS get into the themes

As well as the free food, Entourage holds different theme nights that, if we’re honest, not everyone pays much attention to.

However, theres always the odd group of people that make effort and go the extra mile. We would too if we could be arsed.

The ones that clearly don’t have uni on a Friday

Whether they don’t have anything timetabled or they are sticking up a middle finger to their 9am, there is always those that are particularly rat-arsed in the club that clearly have no intention of leaving their beds the next day.

The ones that ruin all the photos

Whilst the majority of the group thinks they’ve rather successfully mastered a great group shot, they are unfortunately mistaken.

At least one member, whether intentionally or not, always manages to make you question whether or not its acceptable cover photo material.

The ones everyone has to apologise for

Everyone has that lad mate that gets too smashed and behaves slightly inappropriately- whether they pick a fight, squeeze a disgusted girl’s arse or in this case, pretend to give a chicken a blow-job. Their friends often laugh along but very regularly mutter “sorry about him” or roll their eyes behind their back.

The ones that manage to look good…all night

If you turn up in muddy flats and unbrushed hair at Entourage- be warned. It’s home to some of the more glamorous and attractive girls in Lincoln.

When your eyelashes are peeling off and your hair has gone flat you might just want to avoid standing next to them.

The ballers

Usually seen in VIP drinking their free bottles of champagnes, the ballers are either one of two kinds of people- rich, or a very close friend of a promoter.

They are also often allowed access to the stages around Home, looking down on the mere peasants beneath.