Penny pinching: How far will you go?

‘Can’t go out I’m skint’

For most of us, being a student will be the first time they’ve ever had to take full control of their finances. The frugal and sensible amongst us will manage to spread out the money evenly, but for most there will come a time where tough choices have to be made regarding finances – Do I buy food or go out?

But how low would you stoop to save some pennies? Turns out, pretty low.

Psychology second year Lydia Durham admits to doing something almost all of us are guilty of – stealing condiments from restaurants.

Lydia said: “I always steal the hot drink sachets and sugar from hotel rooms.

“Once I even took the long life milk, that was a desperate time.”

Looking happy..probably just swiped a weeks worth of sugar sachets

Fellow Psychology second year Elliot Wragg once bought two large blocks of A4 paper from WHSmiths, perfect example of how to spend your loan sensibly.

But trying to save some cash, he refused to pay the measly 1p they charge for a carrier bag. With his head held high, he began the 20 minute walk home when it began to rain, ruining both the uncovered pads of paper washing him off his high horse.

Maybe just spend that penny next time..

Most people are familiar with the sinking feeling that happens when picking up a bottle mid shower to discover it’s eerily light, containing only the mere dregs of product.

“With shampoos or hand washes I mix the last bits with water so I don’t have to buy any for a little longer” confesses Graphic Design second year Denice Mowels.

More to spend on alcohol

There’s still one more wash in there, honestly

Second year Biologist George Forty confessed how he often has to make the weighty decision as to whether to buy actual food or cigarettes. George adds: “Needless to say, it’s often the latter.”

Cigarettes > Food

I’m sure it’s a delicacy somewhere in the world… maybe Scunthorpe


Property Development and Business student Henry Hornby describes the feeling we all know so well of refusing to have a soft drink when out for a meal. “Unless someone else is paying, I don’t have coke I just have water, but I always have to make sure they know I mean tap”.

Imagine the horror of being charged for water, just because it arrives in a fancy bottle and claims its origins lie in some exotic mountain retreat.

Not a drop of pretentious bottled water in sight

Most of us are guilty of trying to squeeze every penny at some point. So what if we reuse a teabag a couple of times or squeeze the toothpaste tube until the very last drop is out – it just means more money to spend on vodka and cheesy chips.