I bought a Mr Bean cut out to scare my housemates

Who could ask for a better housemate

Being a third year and now actually having to do work this year, I had promised my family that I wouldn’t be going out and getting drunk every week. I’ve only been to Superbull twice in 2015. I’m sure they are very proud.

As a result of not spending all my money each week on alcohol I’ve been starting to have a surplus of finances with nothing to spend it all on.

So one night when the rest of my house were out and I was staying in to do dissertation work, I found myself scrolling through ebay looking at all the weird and wonderful items they have on sale, when something glorious caught my eye. A life size Mr Bean cut out.

For £30, a Mr Bean cut out seems a lot of money, but I was going stir-crazy in the house on my own and it seemed like a bargain. It has certainly paid back its cost in the amount of times I’ve heard people scream in terror at it, myself included.

Upon its arrival, I quickly set it up in my room and waited for the opportune moment to scare my house mates. Finally one of my housemates, Olly, made the mistake of leaving his room unlocked. I placed Mr. Bean in the room beside the bed and waited.

Imagine finding this in your room…

I was not disappointed, as yells of ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’ echoed around the house.

Olly, a Bio-med second year said: “I had just walked into my bedroom and this was standing in there. Safe to say I don’t think I have ever been so terrified in my life.

“”But I will have my revenge, no one gets away with scaring me.”

Might as well scare the neighbours

The cut out is continuously being moved around the house to make us freak out, hiding it in the shower, at the end of the landing and directly in front of doors.

Media production third year Mark Brown also lives in the house and shares his concerns: “I want it out of the house, I’ve seen too many horror films, and I’ll be pissed off it becomes possessed”.

It’s a surprisingly disturbing and ominous figure, and I certainly wouldn’t want it in my room at night.

Have you bought any strange or odd items for your house and accommodation? Email [email protected] and tell us about it.