I’d wear flats over heels every night of the week

Stop shaming me for not wearing heels

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There’s been some flat-shaming going on by the heels advocating girls recently, and it’s about time that stopped.

I don’t care if my discoloured Primarni pumps look a little bit naff with my nice bodycon dress.

I wasn’t wearing heels in this picture OR EVER

I don’t care that my legs aren’t elongated, or that my arse isn’t lifted to its maximum perky potential.

Truth is, wearing heels when clubbing at uni is far too much of a faff for my liking.

Nights out here are for getting off your tits, dancing like a mad man and making sure you still have enough energy to grab a Maccies before you retire to your shitty student accomadation.

You have to be kidding

Can you dance properly in heels? No. When Anaconda comes on I need to be able to properly commit myself.

I can’t perform a successful slut drop, nor can I do my poor attempt at the dougie without nearly falling flat on my arse.

I don’t even think my muddy trainers look particularly that shit- and once I’ve got a few vodka’s down me I either really won’t care or I’ll be under the illusion I look brilliant anyway.

I know everyone says heels are sexier but I think it depends on the person wearing them anyway. You can’t stick a pair on and transform into J-Lo.

every girls best friend

And if your arsed about pulling and think wearing heels will make you more irresistible- think again. A boy is really not going to be checking out your feet in a club. Well, unless he has some kind of foot fetish.

People can’t even see your feet anyway can they? Unless you’re in a totally dead club, the crowds of people should mean your top half is only really visible, and even then its bloody dark.

You’ll be needing these

Fair play to the girls that wear heels and totally hack it out. But, let’s face it, a lot of them spend the majority of their night whining about how much their feet hurt and piss everybody off.

I’ve even known some girls to go home early purely because they can no longer stand without wincing.

Undoubtedly, there will always be a flat-heel divide in clubs at University. I’m just happy I’m the comfortable side of it.