These are the most romantic ways to ask someone out on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air

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We bet you found a lovely lass or a brilliant bloke who you really want to ask out for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, merely walking up to their face and ask if you want to hook up is really boring and predictable. Just try out some of these ace ideas to spice things up.

Call them over the phone anonymously

Get the phone number of your love interest and call them up, as long as they’re not on your contact list.

Once they pick up the phone, say something very creepy in a disturbing voice, like: ‘We’ve got the body, what do we do?’ Once they’re ready to end the call, quickly stop them, fess up and propose. Hilarious!

Spooky, but funny

Mail yourself to your crush

Wait patiently in a cardboard box, addressed to that special someone. Once they open it up, surprise! They’ve received a boy/girlfriend from the post.

Just make sure you’ve: a) put in a few holes to breathe, and b) mail yourself when you know your future partner is definitely in their house.

Otherwise it’ll rain or someone might mail it to Russia for giggles without you knowing.

Return to sender, burn contents

Poison them

Drop a slow-acting poison in your target’s crush’s drink and tell them you will give them the cure if they go out with you (eg. Cyanide, Strychnine, Anthrax). Who could say no to that?

Warning: this may get you arrested.

She sure was breath-taking…

Make a ransom

Similarly to the idea above, kidnap your future partner’s family and release them only if he/she will go out with you. Warning: this will definitely get you arrested. And you’ll probably get your legs broken in the progress.

Use a dog

It’s a creative way to break up with someone, so why not use a pooch again? Send a dog with a love message attatched to its collar, and direct it to their house. It will leave a great impression!

Although the dog will probably leave more than an impression on the carpet…

Just swap the break-up note from last year with a lovely message, and the job’s a good’un