Pre-drinks are the best part of a night out

And you know it

Pre-drinking is no longer just an act in which we consume alcohol prior to hitting the town. It’s not set up purely to ensure we are wankered before we leave halls and don’t have to fork out on £3.00 doubles.


Pre-drinks is now what most would consider to be the highlight of most of their university nights. And they’re right.

Pre-drinks is near enough always guaranteed to be a laugh, whether you’re with a small or large group, with your closest friends or people you’ve only just met.

You can play fun drinking games, sip Tesco own vodka, and if you need the toilet you don’t have to queue for half of your night or face the possibility of sick-filled bogs.

You can’t chat and socialise in the same way in a club as you can in pre-drinks. Besides yelling in your friends ear awkwardly several times or grinding your arse on someone, there is literally null interaction when you’re out.

You’d be lying if you said pre-drinking isn’t the best way to get talking to people- and without games like “Never have I ever” how else would you know all the dirty things the quiet girl in the flat next to you has been getting up to?

It always seems that the large, lively group you drink with before the club tends to miraculously vanish within half an hour of arriving.

Now you’re left with the usual two or three friends that haven’t either been lost in the toilets, chucked out or already pulled. In some extreme cases, the usual loyal friends may have gone haywire as well- resulting in you spending half of your night chasing after them or stood on your own like a lemon.

Once you are in the middle of breaking up a fight or picking your friend off a vodka-puddled ridden floor, you sometimes can’t help but start to wish you stayed on your own sofa with a bottle of cheap wine.

So lets hear it for pre-drinks- cheap, chilled and far too underrated.