Best places to cry on Campus

Let it all out

emotional lincoln. crying

Don’t we all need a good cry sometimes?

The library

The library. The rows and rows of books are just never ending. Deadlines are closing in, your dissertations aren’t going to plan and you can’t stand the people you have to do a group presentation with.

The library will seem like your only place of solitude during this time. You will shed many a tear there.

The cafeteria

You’ve gone to buy your favourite potato salad and shock horror, they don’t have any left. Or anything at all.

Its okay to cry a little here every once in a while, especially if the thought of the potato salad was the only thing getting you through that three hour workshop.

The hand-in office

The hand in office, where all of your assignments go. It’s 4.01pm and unfortunately the office is closed, looks like your assignment is going to be very late.

You’re definitely allowed a full on breakdown outside these doors.

The health centre

So you’re at the University doctors for a check up of sorts and you find out that you’ve contracted Chlamydia.

This is definitely a crying zone, the nurses won’t mind if you shed a tear or two.

The train crossing

Last but not least, the dreaded train crossing, especially when a freight train goes through. You could be waiting there for what seems like hours.

It’s the correct time to have a good cry, especially if you’re already late for your lecture.