Over 170 tenants left in limbo after Acepoint accommodation goes bust

Letters were delivered demanding payment transferred into a new account

More than 170 student tenants in nearly 50 properties have been forced to contact their banks after shocking letters informed them that company Acepoint had gone into administration.

Many received unexpected emails and letters through the post this week claiming that their landlord has gone into administration and demanding rent payments to be transferred into a new account.

Acepoint is a subsidiary of the ClubEasy group.

Drama third year Kimberley Gibson chose to go through the letting agency ClubEasy so that she didn’t have to deal with landlords or standing orders.

Kimberley said: “I just feel annoyed really, we weren’t even made aware that we had a landlord so getting an email out of nowhere was a bit of a shock.”

The distraught third year added: “The email I received could’ve easily been missed and I had to ring up ClubEasy just to check that it was legit.

“I’m a third year and I have work to be doing, not running around sorting out bank payments and reading gas meters.”

The letter states that tenants must follow a set of instructions and they are expected to set up the standing orders to the new account within a seven day deadline.

If these actions are carried out you receive a £50 discount on the following years rent, which is useless to students in their final year.