People who say ‘like’ all the time are awful people

Yes, we’re talking to you


They’re a right pain in the arse, aren’t they? You know, the people who talk like this: ‘And, like, there was this really, like, big problem, and, like, it was, you know, like, a major thing going on, and I dunno why but I was like, err, just like…’

They’re the worst people you can come across, the most annoying, grating set of humans you’ll ever hope to meet.

They’re useless in seminars, where they’re physically incapable of contributing. Once they’ve been asked something, they’re caught out because they probably know bugger all about what anyone is talking about, and so they’ll bloat their sentences by saying “like, you know what I mean when like…”. Over and over and over…

Conversations with them out of class are even more boring and irritating. Here’s an example:

“Hey there, Liz! How’s the dissertation going?”
“Aw, you should have seen, like, how much work I haven’t done, and, like, there’s this really annoying thing, it’s, like, some sort of, like…”
“Liz, piss off. Don’t come back until you learn how to talk properly.”

They’re talking again


Worse still, they make you look like an idiot when you’re in a group with them.
People will think you’re a right bunch of thickos, because you can’t think of anything better to fill your group convos other than the dreaded L word every two seconds.

Overuse of like is a desperate sign that they want to keep talking (about shit).
They might end up talking blithering crap about some sort of painfully dull anecdote that happened somewhere in the clubs, who knows.

They’ll keep inserting like into every pause they make, so they’ll be far from saying anything interesting. Be sure to break the ice or interrupt with a well-timed comment to spare everyone of the torture.

If someone is in said conversation and looks like this, then s/he wants to kill themselves.


If you are one of these people and are rather offended, please get in touch with us in the comments and let us know you’re feelings. Please just do not use like for emphasis.