Tab Tries: Ouija board

They’re not all like Casper the friendly ghost, you know

To get out of writing another article this week I stupidly suggested trying the Ouija board with my mates and writing about it.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth I regretted it. I tried to undo this terrible mistake by casually mentioning that I didn’t have a Ouija board and that they were probably very expensive.

Turns out my friend and fellow Tab journalist had one and was happy to lend it to me. How lucky am I?

So I started by making a Facebook event

I should say firstly that I’m not a religious person, nor am I superstitious person, (apart from walking under ladders, because that’s a safety hazard).

I watch loads of horror films and only scream occasionally, it also only takes me like four hours of cowering under the covers after a horror film to get to sleep. So yes, I am a badass.

So night time arrived, the moon was out, and my mates came over. It was time. The eight of us gathered in the living room (ironic I know), as it turns out we couldn’t all get into my attic for safety reasons.

Just something we had lying around the house y’anno

We all gathered around the board our fingers on the planchette (the weird thing that’s supposed to move around the board) as my friend Jui lead us in prayer: “Minions of the dark leave this place as only light shall we embrace.”

We then moved the planchette in circles and began trying to contact the ghosts.

The first ghost we spoke to was someone called Tabitday (or something like that), she died 164 years ago and was 13 years old.

She seemed to take a liking to my mate Dom and was supposedly standing directly behind him during our conversation with her on the Ouija board.

Our final ghost that we spoke to was a guy named Georg (I assume he meant George) who was 45 and had been dead for 65 years.

I wanted to have a ghost best friend to watch football with on weekends so I decided to ask him about football.

Georg The Ghost replied that yes, he does like football and that he is a Southampton fan – you literally couldn’t make this shit up… or could you?

We then went on to ask if he was alone. This is where it started to get a bit worrying. He wasn’t alone. There were 6 others with him.

Next question – are the others with you all good? No.

At this stage we decided maybe we should say goodbye and put this to an end before we tempted fate too much.

During the séance I had been very brave, no screaming, only panic at occasional periods.

The terror only set in once everyone left and we went to bed. After trying to go to sleep and hearing noises from the attic I decided that I would turn the lights on and watch the Premier League years until 4am, just to be on the safe side.