We asked locals what they thought of students and they told us to piss off  

Says it all really


To be honest, if some random student came up to me and asked for a recorded quote, a picture and my full name and occupation I’d tell them to fuck off too.

I met a large number of tourists, obviously visiting to sample the stunning sights of the Cathedral or, more realistically, Next and Primark down on the High Street.

One man from Essex told me to piss off if I was part of a charity. When I told him I was part of a far less benevolent organisation he seemed happy to chat, and even wished me luck with my article.

Yes that’s right: according to this charming gentleman, an online student-run pseudo-tabloid newspaper, which in just the last two weeks has featured articles about girls fingering themselves and an attempt to make socks-and-sandals look edgy, was more worthy of his time than the NSPCA or Cancer Research.

However, two locals I was able to talk to praised the students of Lincoln.

Charles Milnes, a retired engineer says: “They’re essential aren’t they? They’ve certainly given Lincoln a boost, both in commercial terms and the social side of things.

“They’ve transformed the Brayford, and they’re bringing a lot of money into the town. Overall, I think they’re very good for the city.”

Stephen French also spoke highly of students. He says: “They don’t seem too bad in Lincoln.

“They possibly drink too much but it doesn’t affect me personally”.

Well, relatively highly.

Everyone else we spoke to told us to fuck off. We’re not even lying.

So we’re appealing to the locals of Lincoln. What have we done to you? Why don’t you like us?

What’s your problem?