Lincoln graduate reaches out to offer kidney transplant

A woman in Turkey has given a life-changing chance to a fellow Lincoln grad in desperate need of a third kidney

A graduate from the University of Lincoln received a generous donor offer from a woman living in Turkey after hearing news of his need for a third kidney transplant.

Kieran Meht appealed for another kidney, and another graduate Mine Imre has currently made the offer to return to the country if her organ is a match.

33-year-old Lincoln grad Kieran has renal failure, where the kidneys fail at getting rid of the waste product’s from the blood.

Because of this, both of his previous kidney transplants eventually failed. One of which was from his own mum.

Imre, 34, is one of five people who have come forward to offer help. They knew one another ever since studying at Lincoln eleven years ago.

Mine says: “If I can help in any way then why not?”

Delighted Meht has appealed for any brave people who are willing to donate a kidney should do so for those in need even if they turn out not to be a match.

He said that the fact that people are stepping forward to donate is “amazing”.

“It’s not just about me though, if my blood types don’t match, someone else could give it to someone else…there are kids out there who need help too.”