Ceiling collapses in Danesgate House

‘It was like we were the peasants in the Titanic’

Last week part of floor one’s roof at Danesgate House collapsed with water coming through the ceiling.

There was no hot water that day and in the evening the water just came flooding.

Media Production student Billy Hargreaves lives in the flat and was the one who rang the fire brigade.

He says: “It was like we were the peasants in the Titanic who get trapped when it starts to flood”

They only noticed when they were walking to the kitchen and saw water coming in from underneath the door and spreading into the closest bedrooms.

The fire brigade were called to clear up the mess.

Natasha Ireton-Bourke lives in the flat above and found out about this through a message on the Danesgate House facebook group.

Natasha says: “Everyone was pretty angry as their whole flat was covered in water.”

Shocking scenes.