Vote for Lincoln’s worst halls

Pick the worst and then argue in the comments


Stop arguing about who has it worse and vote for the definitively shittiest accommodation here.

The Student Village

Where most people end up living in first year. Basically that’s it, that’s how boring it is.

The Student Village

Hayes Wharf

Where do I begin? Walking through that big black gate makes you feel like a criminal because you need to be escorted in and out the grounds by your friends.

On top of that this accommodation houses a LOT of students, so when laundry day rolls around, obviously all hell breaks loose.

The biggest problem about this accommodation according to ex-resident Peter Sweeney is the Wi-Fi. He said: “The Wi-Fi drops out more than people studying fine art.”

Hayes Wharf


Say goodbye to your student loans if you plan on living here.

Yeah, there’s a nice garden and it looks nice during the day but wait until the night when you have some guy who doesn’t know his limits chundering outside your window.

You do get a dishwasher, which is pretty flash but means you have to spend extra money on dishwasher tablets…

I’d rather save myself £40 a week and just wash the pots by hand. “You get a TV and you don’t need to by a licence cause it’s included” I hear you cry. But how often have you heard of a student actually buying one? Just use Netflix.

The Junxion


Let’s be honest this place is essentially a Junxion Jr. It just doesn’t look like it but trust it does exactly the same thing to your bank account.

On open days you’ll say “I can watch TV and play pool while I do my washing”…that is if that unreasonable person that has an hour left on his washing isn’t dying to watch the worst rerun of The Big Bang Theory that everyone else has seen a hundred times.

Aqua House

Do you really have to ask?

Just looking at it makes you want to cry and that’s before you’ve even walked inside. Not the prettiest place in the world.

The website lists a chair in your bedroom as a selling point, which says a lot about it.

Welcome to Aqua House

Brayford Court

Looks very homely, and the front entrance even has a pass-code to the gate rather than a key which seems pretty cool.

That is until you get completely rat-arsed during Freshers and forget the code at 3am. Good luck sleeping outside until someone lets you in.

Like Junxion the garden is communal, which is a great way to get to know people but not so great when you’re deadlines roll around and you just want everyone to piss off.

Brayford Court

Park Court

It’s tiny and just far enough from the university that you feel like a bit of a social outcast.

At least you’ve got an ensuite though.

Park Court



Recently had a bit of a makeover, so it could be on the up. Who really knows anything about Danesgate anyway.