We found Jay-Jay, and he says you lot just can’t stand the pace

He’s taking a break from Lincoln nightlife to work on his autobiography apparently


Just one week after our ‘Where’s Jay Jay‘ article, it appears the mystery has been solved.

Reaching out to The Tab, the mysterious figure who says he’s “flattered” anyone wants to read about his social life in Lincoln, wants to set the record straight on who he is and where he’s disappeared off to.

Explaining his absence in recent weeks from Lincoln’s nightlife, Jay Jay explains “I’m in the process of writing my autobiography.

“It’s part of the reason why I’ve been keeping a low profile.”

He sent us this photo and everything

Jay Jay says his less frequent clubbing is due to a year out that he took on January 1st to write a 300,000 word account of his life.

He explains: “It’s called ‘Overture and Beginners Please’ which is a reference to my theatre days.”

The elusive figure, who calls himself a ‘night-owl’, worked in entertainment for many years, before moving to Lincoln for a “better quality of life.”

He now works as a freelance journalist, covering all the local nightlife in Lincoln.

Previous to his sabbatical to write his life story Jay Jay claims he was out “seven nights a week”.

He explains: “Even now I still go out 3-4 times a week but not as often as I used to because time is of the essence and I need to meet deadlines.”

It’s a matter of necessity that Jay Jay is the toast of student nightlife in Lincoln.

“Lincoln does not cater for the over 25s, so if I want to go out and have a drink after midnight I have to drink with students.

“But I don’t mind. They’re good people, and most of them are intelligent – before they get rat-arsed.”

Jay-Jay doesn’t get rat-arsed himself, and our last article reported he was often seen sipping water.

Explaining his decision to stay sober, the nightlife ‘legend’ says: “It’s got nothing to do with the fact that I want to stay sober to pick up young ladies, bring them back and have my wicked way with them.

“The fact is that I’m a recovering alcoholic. I used to be a piss-head to put it in student language.”

“It’s not strange to drink water, if I drink Pepsi or something I always end up completely bloated especially if I’m dancing.”

Incensed, he added: “Maybe I’m not a complete boring TWAT that needs alcohol to have a good time.

“I don’t mind making a fool of myself but at least I can remember it in the bloody morning.”

Jay-Jay’s tee-total stance alo means he can leave nightclubs in his “vehicle of choice”, a yellow MG with a spoiler, along with a ‘Jay-Jay The Legend’ sticker he was given by some “admiring females”.

“If I can’t give friends a lift to McDonalds on the way home if it’s on my way home then there’s something drastically wrong with the world at the moment” he says.

“The fact that it’s been interpreted as me taking them home to have my wicked way with them is not true at all and anyone who is a friend of mine will know that I don’t.”

He does add however, that he’s “flattered to be called Lincoln’s answer to Hugh Hefner.”

So what’s a typical night with Jay Jay like? Well apparently, pretty busy.

He says: “I have a regular circuit of at least 20 venues which I use. On a quiet night, like last night – Lincoln is pretty dead on a Wednesday – I only did three clubs in the one night. Normally I would do 10 I think.

“I tend to flit from club to club. If there’s someone who I know and like and I’m particularly enjoying their company, who wants to dance with me all night, then I’ll stay.

“Most people can’t stand the pace.”

But he has extended his horizons outside Lincoln. He explains: “I do go out in other towns and cities in the vicinity – Grantham, Skegness, Newark.

” People often say ‘what are you doing here Jay Jay you’re only supposed to be seen in Lincoln’.”

And it’s in where Lincoln where he’s apparently most well known.

He boasts: “If I get away with having less than ten selfies a night I’m doing well”

“I’m like a magnet – or moths around a flame would be a suitable description.”

“I’m a setter of fashion, not a follower of fashion.

“I’m the only person I know in Lincoln who wears a poncho and a bandana when it’s not a fancy dress night.”

Reading our comments, Jay Jay also wanted to clarify his relationships with fat lads.

He said: “I don’t remember ever doing any motorboating with ‘fat boy’. I’ve never motorboated a fat lad, I can assure you.”

But Jay Jay refused to set the record straight on the most common question he gets asked, just how old is he.

The wizened nightlife star says: “Age is only important if you’re a nice bottle of port or a vintage cheese.

“But if you want to know you’ll have to buy my autobiography.”

His autobiography will be out “by Christmas or failing that early 2015”.

Jay-Jay says he intends to return to his role as full-time nightlife legend once his autobiography is finished “unless I become a big star like JK Rowling, in which case you’ll find me on a beach in the Bahamas darling.”