Meet the third year who works in a strip joint

Finishing off a hard day of lectures with a shift at Krystals? Standard

Third year Elizabeth Dean goes to work every night at Krystal’s, Lincoln’s premier gentlemen’s club.

She deals with all customers, but makes sure to give the regulars some one-to-one attention so they always come back for more.

She also likes to make sure they’re all as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

As the night goes on and the music gets louder, she has to get really close to hear them whisper instructions into her ear.

She wants to get it exactly right. She wants to give them exactly what they want…

From the bar, that is.

Oh,  did we fail to mention that Elizabeth isn’t a stripper?

“I do have to clarify that I’m just bar staff quite a lot when people ask me where I work”, says the Psychology Student.

Working at a strip club is not every bar staff’s typical working environment.

Elizabeth will pour the same drinks every other bartender would do and serve the customers the same way, but there are a few differences in her nightly tasks.

She says:“There’s just a few little things we do differently, like putting dances through the till throughout our shift.”

When you think about getting a job as a student, you may think about working behind a bar.

You may think about working behind a bar at a nightclub. But the thought of working behind a bar at a strip club is rarely one considered by many students.

It definitely wasn’t something Elizabeth deliberately set out to do.

She explains: “I don’t think I ever thought ‘oh I want to work there’. I was just applying for bar jobs all over Lincoln and Krystals got back to me first.

“I went to an interview and the manager made me feel like there was nothing to worry about, so I didn’t see any reason not to take the job with both hands.”

After working at the strip club for over a year, Elizabeth claims that nothing that goes on ever surprises her anymore.

She often doesn’t realise how weird certain things that happen are, until she looks back on events later on.

She says: “Like just this week after having a few too many drinks a guy put his hand down his trousers at the bar. We all just stood and looked at him in horror.

“It’s alright though, it’s not what we all thought. He had just decided it was the right time and place for him to have a wee.

“We’ve also found a pair of boxers that someone had left in the blokes toilets once. It’s nothing earthshattering but enough to provide a few laughs at the end of the night.”

Do you want to have a go?

Working in this environment has taught Elizabeth how to deal with unusual and awkward circumstances, and has also helped change her perception of strippers.

“When I first started working here I’d never met a stripper. “I had no idea what they were like apart from how I had seen they had been represented before in the media.

“But it’s not what you’d think it is, the girls are all sound and know exactly what they’re doing.

“We get a lot of people saying that they don’t support it because its supressing women or some other nonsense. It’s not supressing women at all.”