Why was Carnage 2014 such a let down?

It wasn’t as much Carnage as we expected to be honest


It promises to be “the best night of your life” but Lincoln’s attempt at Carnage fell painfully short this year. 

Just for comparison, this is what Carnage looks like in Huddersfield:

This is what it looks like in Lincoln:

Absolute carnage

Along with the lackluster crowds, students complained about the high price of drinks – a single vodka and mixer cost £3.50 – on top of the £8 they had already paid for a Carnage t-shirt.

Second year Business Management student Amy Barlow said: “I can’t believe I paid £8.40 for two ciders on a student event night.

“It seems unfair to students that we’re made to feel we’re getting a good deal only for the bars on the bar crawl to be ripping us off.”

After going from empty bar to empty bar we ended up at Lola Lo, expecting to see more people as this was the penultimate destination before finishing at Home.

However, once again, Carnage failed to meet our expectations. The dance floor had all but one person on it, with a handful of people around the bar area.

We ended our night, like most people, at Home. Home was the only place that was packed with students , leaving us wondering why didn’t we just go on a night out to Home instead of paying £8 simply for entry into Home and Lola Lo?

There was a lot less carnage than we expected.