Locals Out: Tower Bar to be members only

Locals are to be excluded from Tower Bar because the atmosphere made first year female students ‘uncomfortable’

A home for community entertainment, the Tower Bar on the University of Lincoln’s campus is set to become a members-only establishment.

A decision to change the admissions policy was made after the Students’ Union took over the Engine Shed and the Tower Bar in August.

Regarding the change of policy, SU President Brian Alcorn said: “We’d received feedback that some students felt uncomfortable in the Tower Bar because it was like if the football was on, it was full of football fans.

“There’s a sort of atmosphere that some students aren’t a fan of, particularly first year female students who felt discomfort at times”.

“The model we’re adopting is no different than any other students’ union bar in the country and that is that it is students only and the students have priority”.

Brian goes on to claim: “It’s up to what students are interested in, what students want…and obviously we’ll take it on board if it’s financially valuable”.

But some ‘first year female students’ are unconvinced. Journalism fresher Laura Callaghan says: “I’ve only visited Tower Bar twice, and both occasions I didn’t feel any kind of intimidation at all.”

“I think as a female first year student, we are open to much more intimidating situations and probably face worse when we are out in town and nightclubs.

“The Tower Bar plays football and rugby matches- if you don’t like that kind of atmosphere then just don’t go.”

Despite the plans, locals are not fully excluded from membership as anyone is able to apply to be an associate member of the students union, which is an annual membership.

First year Politics student Owen Lewis says: “I don’t see a need for change, I think it’s fine the way it is.”

Third year English student and football fan Adam Riley agrees.

He says: “I think it’s stupid. Obviously any bar or pub you go to will always have some odd regular or locals. But to be honest during football matches me and my friends will very regular go to Tower Bar to watch the match.

“Mainly we go because it’s a very good atmosphere, due to students and locals yelling and cheering at goals.

“You want a loud and excited crowd during sporting events, it’s what sport is all about.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve never witnessed a threatening situation while at Tower Bar, it’s always been a friendly atmosphere even during rivalry matches.”

There is no strict date in place to change the admission, but it is said to possibly be around the Christmas time or the new year.