Hate on your doorstep: Angry students bash homophobic leaflets distributed in Lincoln

Anti-homosexuality hate mail right has been posted anonymously to Lincoln homes, just on the eve of Gay Pride

Leaflets claiming: “gay pride marchers are lewd, silly and simply satanic” and “homosexuality is the devils delusion” were posted through the doors of Lincoln residences this week.

Whilst supposedly the anonymous posters were not allowed to target student accommodation, their message still managed to reach some students living in the Lincoln area.

Tom and Cameron in disbelief over the leaflet’s 15 points

The leaflets used fifteen fifteen points to spout a hateful message, using Bible quotes as references to back them up, including:

“Human sexuality has become corrupt and distorted like other human faculty. Man is not how he should be.”

“Homosexuality is part of the same moral degradation as fornication, adultery, pornography, paedophilia, artificial insemination, “test-tube babies” and abortion.”

And: “A penis is made for a vagina, not for an anus or a mouth.”

Angry students have wasted no time in bashing the homophobic leaflets, which also insult “lesbianism and ‘transgenderism'”.

Tom Jacobs, 2nd Year Advertising and Marketing student said: “It’s upsetting that people have the time and motivation to spread hate like this”.

Tom Erem, 2nd Year English student said: “This leaflet shouldn’t exist”.

Hannah Nix, 2nd Year English student said: “It’s awful that this particular group of people have forced their views about a minority group onto others and have offended them”.


Cameron Taylor, 2nd Year Zoology student said: “Believe what you want, but don’t force it on others”.