We aren’t cheats: only 23 Lincoln students caught cheating in five years

Either we’re really honest and hardworking, or we’re just really good at not getting caught


Of the massive 10,000 students at Lincoln, only 23 students have been caught cheating on their exams and assignments since 2009.

The largest group of cheats were all in their last year, maybe the pressure of doing a dissertation really is too much to handle.

Offences during dissertation modules took up a whopping 17 out of the total 23 cheating offences.

The most popular chosen form of cheating among the 17 was through plagiarism, and we all know that’s a big no no.

Just do your work and it’ll pay off

Copy-cats made up 11 of the 17 cheaters caught in the act in dissertation modules between 2009 and 2014.

These offenders messed up any chances of getting any marks on that plagiarised piece of work and any other assignment handed in for that module.

Sophie Howell, 3rd year Clinical Psychology student said:  “I don’t really see the point in cheating. You’ll just be letting yourself down and your family down after 3 years of hard work.”

The remaining six dissertation module cheaters gave ‘misleading material’ and made misconducts in research. They faced the same punishment as their plagiarist friends.

All except for one lucky guy (if you can call him lucky) in the year 2013-14, who was still granted the original pass mark, but his final award was reduced by one whole class.

Research! It’s not that hard

Only six were ballsy (or stupid) enough to attempt cheating in an examination. Five of these cheated by taking notes into their exams.

All but one got a total of zero marks awarded to them for that  exam. The last was granted the original mark but his final award would also be reduced by one whole class.

But apart from this bunch of rebels, no one else has been caught cheating in exams or assignments the past five years.

So either Lincoln students aren’t that into cheating their way through uni, or our exam invigilators suck at their job.

Elise Wilkins, 3rd year Journalism student said: “I think 23 students being caught cheating over five years is a relatively small number compared to the number of students that actually go to Lincoln.

“It could be that lecturers warnings against cheating are working, or that more students are doing it but not getting caught”.

Well done guys.