‘I’m really looking forward to seeing Scouting For Girls’: Meet the freshers and their parents

Get to know the newbies in town


We caught up with some freshers and their parents on their move in day. It was cute.

Parents’ names: Faye and Carl

Studying: Psychology

From: Barnsley

Carl: “I’m not really worried about her living away from home because I know she’s going to come back.

“The car is all full of pot noodles so she’ll be okay.”

Fay: “I’m not very emotional yet but there might be some tears later on in the day.

“We know she can take care of herself so that makes it all easier.”


Name: Alice Wood

Parents’ names: Alan and Sharon

Studying: Journalism

From: Hertfordshire

Alan: “We haven’t got any worries about her living on her own, we can’t wait.”

Sharon: “She’s my first baby to leave home so yes I’m a little worried and I’m going to miss her a lot.

“She has prepared us for this as she goes out quite a lot and we will go a few days without seeing her.”

Alice: “I chose Lincoln because I felt really comfortable here. I came for an interview and it went from being my fifth choice straight to my first choice.”


Name: Rory Sheppard

Parents’ names: Lorna and Pierre

Studying: Advertising

From: Cambridge

Lorna: “I’m not worried that he will be living on his own, not at all. As long as he has enough food he will be fine.

“I’m not too emotional at the moment, I think that will come a little later on but not in front of him.”

Pierre: “I’m quite looking forward to getting rid of him really.”


Name: Matthew Haughton

Parents’ names: Natalie and Paul

Studying: Film and TV

Natalie: “We’ve been trying to get rid of him for the past nineteen years and we’ve finally managed it.

“No seriously I am slightly worried, I’m not too sure he’ll be able to take care of himself.”

Paul: “I think he’ll be alright. I think it will be difficult for him, but he will get it eventually.

“I know what it’s like to move from a place where everything is done for you to a place where you have to do it all on your own and it can be tough in the beginning.”


Name: Bethan Lucas

Parents’ names: Bill and Elaine

Studying: Journalism

From: Biggleswade

Bill: “I’m quite comfortable with her coming here, Lincoln seems like quite a comfortable and safe place. She came for the interview we knew straight away that this was where she wanted to go.”

Elaine: “She’s not the first one to leave the home, so we have been though all this with her bother before and he survived so she’ll be okay.

“She also goes away a lot to do sports so we know she can take care of herself.”

Bethan: “I know it sounds really cliché but I’m looking forward to everything about Freshers’ Week. I’m really looking forward to seeing Scouting for Girls.”