TV Licensing offer up refunds for Lincoln students

Are you beginning to move out of your student accommodation? You might be able to pad out your wallet a little

If you were one of the students so desperate not to fall behind on Sherlock or the X Factor that you shelled out £145.50 at the start of the year for a TV Licence, then we have some good news for you.

If you’re heading back home or moving into a different student property where your TV Licence is covered by your rent, then you can get some of your licence payment for this academic year refunded, because you won’t be needing it for a full year.

Now that you’re at home, you can get some money back and still get your Jezza Kyle fix

The thriftiest students could claim back as much as £36.67. But, claimants will have to print out a form and buy a stamp to send it to TV Licensing in Darlington, which could take as much as a pound off the net gain of the lucrative process.

As well as clicking on the links above, you can also talk to TV Licensing about reclaiming a refund on 0300 790 6113.

Speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo, Mark Binnersley, East Anglia spokesperson for TV Licensing, heralded the refunds as “brilliant news for students”, adding:

“We want to help students understand the law when it comes to watching live TV on any device and help them avoid a fine of up to £1000. Reminding them about the refund is part of knowing when you do and don’t need a licence.”

The Tab understands that you might struggle to think of ways to spend your new-found fortune, so we’ve come up with five ways ways of splashing out £36.67:

1) Catching a train from Cardiff to Preston.

I’m sure Preston has a lot to offer those with disposable income. You could stop and see all the sights of Preston too. Probably best if you keep it down to a day trip.

It’s “a FairTrade city” too, so those of you reading from posh unis may need to beware the liberation of the working class (Image: Rept0n1x via Wikimedia Commons)

2) Wearing a new bra.

Why not? That goes for the males too. Might as well make use of all the new opportunities £36.67 gives you.

3) Switching the air pressure of your fan.

This might be of interest if you want to survive a freezing student house when winter comes back round. Perhaps. Not really sure what this does.

4) Helping you breathe in case of a gas attack.

Or maybe it could be a new fashion trend for the hipsters among you.

Look how much fun these people are having with their well-spent £36.67 (Image: Dan Klimke via Flickr)

5) Towelling some golfers.

It’s quite a strenuous sport, so I imagine they’d be quite grateful if you wiped the sweat away from their brows. This could be seen as an investment, since they might even want to pay you. Something to bear in mind if you haven’t got any work for the summer yet…

All items were priced at £36.67 at the time of writing. The Tab does not accept responsibility for any spend over the amount of your TV Licence refund.