Quit horsing around! Student picnic gate-crashed by hungry horse

Cookie-craving animal interrupts peaceful picnic on West Common

A greedy horse shocked sunbathing students this weekend when it tried to get in on their picnic.

A bunch of Lincoln students were soaking up the sun during a revision session on Lincoln’s West Common when the nosey animal waned in.

The video shows the zany horse rummaging through a plastic bag as the students jump away from their towels.

The students were sat with revision notes, but the horse didn’t raid the picnic to bale them out of revision – it was cookies the animal was craving.

Dayna Freeman, who was at the picnic when the animal trotted over, told The Lincolnshire Echo:  “We were revising in the sun and they just came over.

“It was the cookies they wanted!”

Luckily, the horse didn’t manage to make off with any of the students’ brain food, but it did trample on a pair of Ray-Bans.