Lincoln Uni lecturer admits to stripping off for cash as a student

Sociologist Dr. Rachela Colosi bared all during her undergraduate days

A Lincoln Uni lecturer has confessed to stripping for money as a student.

Sociologist Dr Rachela Colosi is currently a senior lecturer at the university – but she hasn’t always worked in education.

During her time at as an undergrad at Northumbria University Dr Colosi worked as a stripper to pay her way.

And now she’s spoken out about her experience.

Talking to the Sun, she said:

“I enjoyed working in the clubs while I was an undergraduate. The biggest issue for me is workers’ rights. Some of the girls are being exploited by their bosses”

Her staff profile on the Lincoln Uni website

It isn’t hard to imagine why more and more students resort to stripping, especially in a small city like Lincoln where the student population is growing every year but the amount of part time work is not.

Despite this, Dr Rachela Colosi, who has previously undertaken academic research into lap-dancing, said:

“Many people overlook the fact that lap dancing and stripping can be fun, sociable and pleasurable.”

But stripping hasn’t hindered the senior lecturer’s career. Before joining Lincoln Uni, Colosi completed a PhD at Newcastle University exploring lap dancing culture.

And she’s even published a book titled ‘Dirty Dancing: An ethnography of lap-dancing’ – which then went on to be short-listed for the BSA Philip Abrams Book Prize in 2011.

It’s not all good news however – Dr Rachela Colosi warns students that they have to be careful about their future.

“Photos can pop up on the internet, even if they use pseudonyms, which most of them do. Careers like the law would not look on this favourably.”

Rachela is now a senior lecturer at Lincoln Uni

Not only this but students are also at risk of being taken advantage of. She said:

“The only ‘union’ is the Sex Workers Union but many students don’t like to feel they are sex workers and worry about losing their job if they join.”

And she’s pointed out that lap dancing is quickly becoming more popular among students. She told the Sun:

“There is no doubt we are seeing more students becoming lap dancers and strippers – there are more clubs now, as well as the normalisation of sexual culture.”

Alex Buchanan, former Cloud 9 owner who recently passed away, also previously said:

“Once they overcome their nerves, they realise how easy it is to make a substantial amount of money in a short length of time.”

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