Tab tries: a lent without liquor

A student gives up alcohol for lent to help his father


What have you given up for lent this year? Sweets or chocolates? Or maybe you are doing something extra, like working harder at university. This lent I have given up alcohol, but for a very good cause.

No more of this


Just before Christmas I was given the sad news that my Dad had been diagnosed with throat cancer, and since then I had been asking myself how I could help my Dad. This task seemed particularly hard as I am at university in Lincoln and my Dad lives in Doncaster.


To help not just my dad, but other cancer suffers in my home town, I have decided to go all lent without any alcohol. I estimated I spend around £30 a week on alcohol and nights out, so each week, I am collecting that money and at the end of lent I will be donating it to charity.


The charity receiving the donation is Firefly, a charity that supplies transport for cancer patents in the Doncaster area to cancer treatment centres. This organisation runs on the donations made by the public. The money is spent on the shuttle buses, petrol and the drivers.

A firefly coach with the charity’s founder Denise Dunn

I have been very fortunate to have friends and family sponsor my ‘Lent without Liquor’ and all the sponsorship money is going towards Firefly. In just a few days of making a Facebook group I have raised £80 from friends and even friends of friends who want to support my cause.


The link to the Facebook page will be at the end of this report. So if any Tab readers want to support my ‘Lent without Liquor’ then please get in touch.