Plans for £28 million halls get the go ahead

Plans for snazzy new student accommodation have been approved by Lincoln City Council

Plans for new swanky student accommodation situated conveniently across from McDonald’s on Tritton Road, were recently approved by the Lincoln City Council.

The project, branded “The Getaway”, boasts a whopping 77 new apartments and 458 bed spaces with enough room for additional retail, restaurant and office space on the ground floor.

The University of Lincoln will be in control of the new accommodation and have full authority over granting students tenancy as they predict a hefty growth in  applications in the near future.

The plans were also hailed by the council as a solution to reduce the impact of student population on residential areas – because, evidently, we are not the Lincoln locals cup of tea.

As agreed, the plans will not obscure any of the city’s beautiful historical sights  – and will even very nicely hide the industrial parks behind it.