The Tab’s guide to being single in Lincoln this Valentine’s day

Screw all those loved-up couples dining out on a romantic dinner for two. If you’re single and lonely in Lincoln this Valentine’s day, then read The Tab’s guide on what you could be doing!


So it’s a Friday night and you are a Lincoln student. Whilst all the other couples are spending the night in together, you can be smashing it up in the only place to be on a Friday…SUPERBULL! Lincoln students’ weekly event will undoubtedly be filled with other singles, all looking to drink and dance their way through the night. And you never know, with some bad lighting and numerous cheap vodka-redbulls, you could bag yourself a valentines date for the night!

Singles students from all over Lincoln will be at The Bull!

Before you know it, this academic year will be over, and the work will soon pile up. However, this Valentines day could be your opportunity to get some of that work out the way and stay clear off all the loved up couples in Lincoln. Whilst the library may not be the social hub of Lincoln, your day and night could turn out to be very productive.

It’s probably easier to find a valentine’s day date than it is to find a free pc in the library!

Both boys and girls will be single this year on Valentines day. So why not get a group of both boys and girls together and have a battle of the sexes night. This could include drinking games, tournaments on the Wii or a cheeky game of twister (who said students don’t know how to live it up!). The choice is yours, don’t let all the couples be the only ones having fun this year.



Just because you won’t be receiving a card doesn’t mean you can’t send one. Why not make some Valentines day cards with hearts and  uplifting messages inside and deliver them to your single friends. It may not be from the person that they want it to be from, but the fact that they are being thought of will sure make their day a bit less lonely (awwwwww).

Who needs Clintons when you’ve got a paper and a pen!

As with any situation that keeps you feeling down, retail therapy can always lend a helping hand -just don’t think about your bank balance. Treat yourself to a new dress or shirt or get a film for you and a couple of mates to watch. It’s your money and you know what to buy to make you happy, and look on the bright side, you can spend the money on yourself rather than buying cheap Valentine’s day crap for your ungrateful other half.


And if all else fails…

…get the beers in. It will all be over by tomorrow.