Deathroy: The king returns

Lincoln’s favourite celebrity goose makes an astonishing reappearance

The prized goose, more commonly known as Deathroy, has made his gracious return to Lincoln after disappearing unexpectedly last September.

The King of the Swans returns

Rumours and reports revealed that he was most likely being held captive for ransom by a gang of rouge swans who turned against their worshipped leader.

And previous reports that he was kidnapped by the locals and eaten have now been discredited.

A suspicious ransom note

Deathroy denies the claims that he was almost overthrown by stating on his Facebook page that:

“Seven years is a long time to be stuck in the same place, after a short holiday I am ready to resume my daily duties.”

He also went on to say “I go for a few months and chaos has returned to the wildlife of Lincoln, its time for me to show these freshers how tranquil the Brayford can be – the king is back!”

Deathroy’s official public reappearance (Photo credit: Deathroy – The Lincoln Goose Facebook page)

Deathroy’s return has sparked a wave of harmonious joy throughout the university – anarchy has ceased and Lincoln students are now safe in the belief that the natural order and balance of the world has been restored.