Lincoln strikes again!

University of Lincoln faces more strikes as pay row continues


They’re at it again – Lincoln can expect even more disruption to lectures as profs plan to strike yet again.

Lincoln lecturers are continuing to fight back against unfair pay – announcing even more strikes.

Now, as the pay dispute escalates, quick strikes lasting only two hours will take over Lincoln campus – but they’re still set to interrupt our precious learning time.

The University and College Union (UCU) have called for a series of strikes over the disappointing 1% rise they were offered. The UCU claims that teachers have received a 13% pay cut since October 2008 and are fighting back with attempts to disrupt teaching.

The first strikes have already taken place on Thursday 23 January, 11am-1pm and yesterday from 2-4pm.  And conveniently for us, there’s a another one to go – with even more mini-strikes on Monday 10 February at 9am-11am.

UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt said: “Employers have decided to dig themselves in and refuse to move at all from the 1% pay offer they have now imposed on most staff in the sector.”

However, not everyone supports the UCU’s tactics – a spokesman for the University of Colleges and Employees Association said “Employers have expressed disappointment at UCU’s latest tactic to disrupt higher education (HE) institutions, this time targeting students.

“This appears a cynical move to cause, in the union’s own terms ‘maximum disruption’ while ‘minimising cost to members’.”