Quiz: how hipster are you?

They’re everywhere – but are you one of them? Take our quiz and find out.

Every now and again, you’ll spot the odd hipster strutting their funky stuff down the street.  They’re in your town, in your favourite clubs…and even at LINCOLN UNIVERSITY. Perhaps you’re a hipster yourself. Take The Tab‘s quiz to see how edgy a student you are.

Do you DJ? You, sir, are very edgy

1. On a night out in Lincoln, where are you most likely to go?

a) A ‘not-so-secret’ warehouse party, because you’re just too cool to go to a club
b) End up in Cubes…enough said
c) Lola Lo’s and Home, rounding the night off with a cheeky kebab.

2. You’re having a conversation with some friends. Suddenly, the conversation ends and it goes deadly quiet. What do you do?

a) Complain about something over-hyped these days
b) Stay silent
c) Regurgitate an internet meme or, typically, a crude sex joke

“Drugs are totally not overrated.”

3. Where do you buy your clothes?

a) Second-hand shops
b) Mostly from supermarkets and Debenhams
c) Somewhere pricey but high in quality

4. What would you rather do with your mates for a fun night?

a) Take illegal drugs and smoke some cigarettes
b) Sit in at home with a nice cold beer
c) Go for a ridiculous amount of pre-drinks, then head out into town and get even more smashed

Wearing too many scrunchies purchased from a charity shop is a vital sign of edginess.

5. What bests describes yourself from the following sentences?

a) I am non-conformist
b) I feel like a black sheep sometimes
c) I’m normal

6. You’re on Come Dine With Me. How do you entertain the guests?

a) Read out some indie-poetry you wrote yourself
b) Don’t read out some indie-poetry
c) Restrict yourself from reading out some indie-poetry due to increasing fears that they will score you 2 out of 10

What does it mean? Don’t ask me…

7. How do you travel to uni?

a) Skateboard or scooter
b) Hop onto a boat on the Brayford and sail your way to campus
c) Walk there (The further you live, the faster you walk)

8. You want a tattoo. What will it be?

a) Preferably a pointless drawing, like a love heart inked onto your knuckle
b) Something that looks cool and is on fire
c) The name of your boy/girlfriend or the cheesy lyrics of a song

Smoking rollies is pretty edgy too

9. Why did the chicken cross the road?

a) To score some cocaine from your dealer/friend
b) To go to the shops
c) To out-drink a couple of lads who think they’re hard

10. What are you going to do in the comment section below?

a) Whine about the inaccuracy of the portrayal of hipsters in the comment section
b) Praise the quiz if you liked it, or ignore commenting if you didn’t
c) Either type ‘LOL’, or say something so moronic (in a feeble attempt to scathe) that your university wants to kick you out of the course and smash your face in for typing it in the first place


Mostly As: Oh, dear. Looks like you’re the spitting image of a hipster university student; your edginess and rejection of things that are mainstream will certainly ruffle more than a few feathers these days. Remember: just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s always bad! Your fellow hipsters are James Joyce, Florence Nightingale, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the guy who invented Coca-Cola.

Mostly Bs: Consider yourself slightly different from your fellow students. Is this a bad thing? No, of course not! You may find yourself writing a hilarious script in your spare time that takes the piss out of politicians and discover it’s been published, or end up writing successful sitcoms in due time. Well done. Your fellow black sheep are Ricky Gervais, Patrick Stewart, Vic Reeves and Charles Darwin.

Mostly Cs: Mainstream is your middle name; you’re difficult to spot because you’re always riding with the crowd! Drinking, partying, and doing well in university are all things you do best. Famous mainstream people who followed the crowd included Rudyard Kipling, Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr. and the cast of The Inbetweeners.

We’ve already predicted what crap you’ll be putting in the comment section