Why we should say no to No More Page 3

If women are already sexualised in the media, what’s the harm in them cashing in on it?

I’m going to level with you – women are, on the whole, far more attractive than men. It’s not that surprising, given that we have makeup at our disposal and a whole arsenal of beauty products for our hair and skin. It’s also not something that women should be ashamed of, in my opinion, which is why I find the proposed Page 3 ban on campus a little bit ridiculous.

page 3

You can have your say at http://lincolnsu.com

The argument that stands is that The Sun, and Page 3 in particular, reduces the entire female gender to a position of sexual objectification. However, it seems that nobody has considered the fact that the only people being harmed are the models who’ll be out of a job if page 3 ban goes ahead.

In order to be a “feminist”, you have to believe that human beings are equal, regardless of gender. If that’s true, then any individual woman’s choice to go into glamour modelling should not invalidate them as some sort of victim of the patriarchy. In fact, a lot of glamour models consider their line of work to be empowering.

page 3 student

Nottingham student and glamour model Emma Kuziara seen here sporting a beautiful Tab t-shirt

A lot of the argument seems to boil down to this – if your job involves you taking control of your body or sexuality, then you’re part of the problem and deserve to be shamed for what you’re doing. It’s implying that these models are trapped and oppressed, rather than professionals who have decided to follow a particular career path.

And while we’re talking about bans – what about women’s weekly gossip mags, that criticise and tear down female celebrities for putting on weight or having a bad skin day? Should we be protesting beauty billboards for perpetuating unrealistic expectations?

pge 3

Part of the problem?

Maybe instead of tearing down other women, we should be supporting each other regardless of how naked you happen to be when you turn up to work. Because, correct me if I’m wrong, I thought that was what feminism was about.

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