Ghastly winds cause chaos in Lincoln

Exceptional high-speed winds cause damage and chaos in Lincoln.

High-speed winds of more than 50mph have caused widespread disruption across Lincoln.

You didn’t  have to be outside to know how windy it was in Lincoln yesterday. You just had to look out your window and you would’ve seen the wind wreaking havoc outside as winds that reached speeds of 53mph.

And there was no escape as the gusts caused delays for trains entering and leaving the station, as train barriers were furiously blown from side to side.

Many students and residents have taken to Twitter to reveal the aftermath of the storm:

Anyone who lives in the usually windy city knows that waiting for the train barriers, in exceptional stormy weather, feels like you’re waiting for the apocalypse to happen. And this was no exception.

Third year student, Samuel Whitwood, said: “I had to wait almost 20 minutes for the barriers to go up.”

Samuel also sustained a head injury, when the aggressive winds blew him into a lamp post whilst walking through the town centre.

But residents weren’t the only victims of the harsh weather. Garden fences, signs outside buildings and even trees have all been affected by the wild winds.


A tree on Firth Road has had its roots pulled from the ground. It fell through the fence along side of the Brayford River, where the top of the tree currently rests.

Even worse news for the tree-hugging community, as another leafy fatality was found in Bank Street.

tree 2

And it’s bad news for the Lincoln Christmas Market as some stalls have been forced to close because of the catastrophic weather.

With snow expected in the next week, it seems that this may be the start of a very brutal winter.