No uni tomorrow: second strike hits Lincoln

We get another day off tomorrow as Lincoln profs plan a second strike day


Lincoln students will get to enjoy another day off tomorrow, as a second strike this term gets under-way.

Uni staff are set to strike again as the the pay row remains unresolved.

The last strike in Lincoln, which fell on Halloween, saw a small turn-out compared to other unis, with only 20 members of staff attending the strike.

But with a couple more unions getting in on the action this time around, a bigger crowd is expected.

Most teaching will cease tomorrow, unless you’re unlucky. If you’re not already swamped in deadlines and residing in the library, here’s some ideas on how to spend your day off:

1) Bargain Tuesdays at the Odeon. We all know that place is insanely expensive but £5 tickets every Tuesday seems a little more reasonable.

2) Go to Lovedough Tokyo on Monday and have the whole of Tuesday to lie in bed and deeply regret it.

3) Jump on the band wagon and grab one of those questionable Christmas jumpers from Primark.

4) Start a “Search for Deathroy” party. Because that suspicious looking goose that hides behind Toys r’ Us is an impostor, do not be fooled.


There isn’t much to do on a Tuesday daytime in Lincoln, so maybe you could just stay in and decorate your house with anything festive that you can find.

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