The Christmas Jumper – how soon is too soon?

Can anyone really justify wearing a festive fleece in November?

It seems for some reason that the day after Halloween is the moment where shops around the country collectively decide to whack out the Christmas playlist and start selling you tinsel.

I found this out for myself a few weeks back as I walked into the Lincoln branch of Primark, only to be greeted with an array of kitschy knitted jumpers with slogans such as “nice baubles” stitched across the front.


Too much?

“But it’s November!” we hear you cry. “Christmas is weeks away! I haven’t even bought an advent calendar yet!” Don’t worry. Here at The Tab, we feel your pain. And what’s more, some stores seem to be competing to sell us the most cringe-worthy jumpers they can possibly think of.


Not in the Christmas spirit just yet!

But not everyone is in the same boat. In fact, some students even took to Twitter to defend the Christmas jumper, including Video Game Design student Laura Buttrick, embracing her “hideous Christmas jumper”, giving us a thumbs up on the trend.

Some people are loving Christmas jumpers!

Some people are loving Christmas jumpers!

And if you’re the sort of person who’s getting excited just thinking about Christmas jumpers already, the increase of knitwear on sale means that you’ve got a huge choice. River Island are already selling “Santa Baby” sweaters and New Look have a range of soft pastels decorated with trees and puddings.

Or, there’s my personal favourite from Boohoo – a jumper emblazoned with the caption “MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL.”

What's on offer...

What’s on offer…