Meet the Teams: Rugby League, Ultimate Frisbee and Equestrian

Meet the clubs with “loose canon” social secs and weekends of partying

Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee society is a competitive club of about 30 members competing all over the country in tournaments. Rory Keegan, the Treasurer said the society finished “13th best ultimate team in our region.”

The society also “Won 4 tournaments and normally compete in at least 1 tournament a month, often more. We also host two of our own tournaments where we invite ultimate teams to join us for a weekend of games and partying.” The Ultimate Frisbee team hopes to build on last year’s achievements and has already finished fourth in a tournament this year.


The team


Rugby League

Lincoln University’s Rugby League team is looking to continue last year’s successes beating Derby in Varsity and vastly improving in the tables, achieving a mid-table finish from finishing bottom the previous year.

This year in Varsity, the team will be facing Hull, a game which President Conor Maclellan believes will be “a much bigger task than Derby ever was. The last time we played Hull we ended up on the wrong side of a hammering unfortunately. However a lot has changed since then and no doubt we’re better for it. We have about 8 codheads in the team now so all of them will be looking forward to returning ‘home’.”

The team under Conor’s guidance are aiming to win the league having already beaten Loughborough and Leicester this season. The team never miss a shuffle Wednesdays, and apparently have a ‘loose cannon’ as a social secretary making nights out pretty hectic.

rugby league social

Rugby League £5 charity shop social

Equestrian team

Polly Rogerson, the University of Lincoln BUCS Equestrian Team President said “Last year, our main rivals were Loughborough and Warwick. This year however, we do not have any qualms with any teams, and no rivalries as of yet, but there’s still time.”

The team are aiming to do lots of fundraising this year to help future committees. The team also want to hold a lot more socials as they were severely lacking ‘fun times’ last year. This has definitely not been the case this year as the socials “so far have been amazing! Our ‘dress as something that begins with the first letter of your name’ social was definitely one to remember.

“This is due to our awesome new social secs, Katherine Asbury and Sam Miners.” Polly added: “Our Trophy 2 team last year out did themselves by getting to regionals, so we hope to achieve this result again as well as better it! We aim to get at least two teams to regional’s this year!”


Some of the BUCS Equestrian team.