I’m a promo girl and I’m proud of it

I love my job, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it has its perks.

Yes, we might have to deal with constant rejection, but being a promo girl isn’t as bad as you might think.

They’re under your door, they’re on your walls, they’re piled up on your counter. Leaflets. And I am one of those people that accompany the leaflets.

You know the one, thrusting coloured bits of card for various nightclubs at you on your way to lectures. I’m the one trekking in and out of accommodation to pester you and your flatmates at tea time. Yes, I am every student’s favourite person…the promoter.

Leaflet anyone??

Leaflet anyone??

I’ve been there – if you’d have asked me last year, when I was one of the people being pestered, I would have been the uninterested student who suddenly gets a ‘text’ as soon as a promoter approaches you and would do anything to avoid eye contact. Chiming in with ‘[insert nightclub name here] tonight guys?! 2 for 1 vodka.’ I felt bad saying no. I ignored the door when they knocked. But now, being on the other side of the door and desperately trying to sell tickets to events and get rid of my growing pile of leaflets, I think differently.

Everyone loves a good promo t-shirt!

Everyone loves a good promo t-shirt!

It’s a thankless job, really. The characters you meet are either totally up for it, conveniently in on their own or most likely, ignoring you (you know who you are!).

So why DO I do it week in week out?

Simple, we play the ‘who will we come across today game?’ or we count how many times the door is shut in our face. From people telling us our chosen night club is pretentious, to friendly competition with other clubs and that one guy who asks whether or not we wanted to ‘learn about Jesus, as we clearly need him in our line of work’.

It’s all part of it, and that is why you’re greeted with a smile…most of the time.