Students to vote on banning The Sun

A referendum will be held on whether to ban The Sun following a heated debate at yesterday’s AGM.

Students will be able to vote on whether the Lincoln University should ban The Sun following yesterday’s AGM.


‘No More Page 3’ campaign

The decision follows an intense debate at last night’s event, which saw 164 students vote yes to opening the motion up to referendum.

A university wide referendum will ask the question “should the University of Lincoln remove newspapers with ‘Page 3’ type content from sale in all of its outlets until such a time as ‘Page 3’ is removed from the publications?”


Last night’s packed AGM

And the debate was heated. Some students argued that “choosing not to stock Page 3 on campus doesn’t amount to censorship but an expression of consumer choice” and “although the issue of sexualisation runs far and deep across both genders, a start does need to be made somewhere to stop it wholly”.

Students have also taken to Twitter to air their arguments:

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