Save the Shed

Student Union kick start campaign to keep the The Shed open as a student bar.

Lincoln Student Union has launched an official campaign backing The Shed to stay open as a student pub.

Earlier this month,  Green King PLC, owners of The Shed, declared that they would no longer continue trading after December 12th. The news quickly sparked a petition to save The Shed from closure and has already reached over 1000 signatures.

The place for a sneaky drink in between lectures

On Wednesday, the union released an official statement announcing that the “The Executive committee has decided to campaign and lobby the University to ensure that The Shed remains a pub if the University purchase the building”.

The University of Lincoln doesn’t have an official student bar unlike many other unis which sparked the initial outcry from students who want a bar run by students for students.

While the The Engine Shed and Tower bar are popular amongst students, they are open to the general public and not owned by the Student Union.

And even though The Shed isn’t currently owned by the uni, 41% of students actually think it is. Surely this is reason enough for the take over?

The Student Union has invited all students to show their support at the Engine Shed on Monday 25th from 12pm to discuss the future of The Shed.