Lincoln’s ‘student ghettos’ slammed by council

Rowdy student behaviour leaves student house shares in danger.

Lincoln Council have announced that they want to slash the amount of students living in some areas of the city.

Proposed plans will make it more difficult to convert family houses into student digs with more than 3 people.

The proposed move comes after resident complaints about rowdy student behaviour. Tensions between locals and students have been rising after reports of car vandalism, excessive noise and students urinating in gardens.

David Newton, a third year student who lives in one these ‘student ghettos’ said: “I don’t think its fair to stick that label on this area”.

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David and his housemates, like many students, have a good relationship with their neighbours. He says, “We have had noise complaints, but they understand it is not on purpose and always accept our apologise.

“Not all students have the same relationship with their neighbours, but because we introduced ourselves at the start of the year, I don’t feel embarrassed if they do tell us off for the noise.”

In a bid to build bridges the Student’s union arranged a ‘Meet the Streets’ event which was set to kick off yeaterday evening. Students were able to chat to local residents and try to settle the conflict.