Lincoln students flop on Bargain Hunt

Lincoln students are sore losers with a loss of £59.

Lincoln students Tom Larken and Matt Lofts failed miserably this week on BBC’s Bargain Hunt.

The episode aired on Tuesday and saw the two contenders struggle to find three bargains within an hour on a budget of £300.

On the show, filmed at the Antique and Home Show at the Lincolnshire Showground, the pair were up against Sally, a dog breeder and June, a retired business award winner.

Left: Lincoln losers

Quickly taking fancy to an old, lavish globe with a hefty £2000 price tag, the boys displayed a poor eye for bargains.

In the end they managed to spend £130 on a silver brooch, £10; a pair of picture frames, £100; and a small globe, £20. Their grand total of £130 overshadowed the opposing teams sum of £71 who bought a coffee pot and water jug, £20; 3 9-caret gold rings, £50; and a cocktail cabinet, £1.

A little out of the price range

At auction the Matt and Tom made a loss of £59 and their risky purchase of picture frames sold only at £38.

Presenter Tim Wonnacott said it was “Nearly an outright disaster”. The rival team took the title of winners by only just scraping into the profit margin with £9, with their £1 cocktail cabinet selling for a sneaky £20.

Better luck next time