10 Types of People You’ll Find at Superbull

Wondering who else will be at Superbull on Friday? Read our run down to find out.

Everyone knows Friday night is Superbull night. Whether  you’re a fan or not, you will be there…and so will these characters.

Larry Loner

You’ll see him wondering around aimlessly and latching onto any group that will allow him. He’ll claim he has lost his friends, but truth is, he never came with any.


Drunk ‘Lesbians’



Girls that will kiss each other to attract the opposite sex, who can’t help but drool at the thought of some girl-on-girl action. After the night is over they will blame it on the vodka, pretend it never happened, and won’t take part in anything of this nature until the following Friday.


The Pageant Queen


From head to toe she will be the image of perfection for the night. Her hair will always be in the right place and her mascara will never run. She will be the person you run into when your hair has gone frizzy and you’ve cried over your ex. She is guaranteed to make you feel that little bit more shit about yourself.

The Under-agers


Who are they? And what are they doing here? They must have snuck in when the bouncer busy chatting up The Pageant Queen. One thing is clear; they’re too happy, too eager and just too young to be here.


The Birthday Girl


There will almost always be a birthday girl, and surrounding her will be her minions dressed up to fit the theme she chooses. To top their ridiculous outfits they will probably all also need to cough up some cash to buy the birthday lass a drink.


The Dancing Fool


Closer towards the end of the night you will encounter someone who is off-their-face drunk busting some wickedly scary dance moves. They will choose to forget this the next day, but luckily their friends will be entrusted to carry photographic evidence to remind them.


The Photo-bomber


The best photo-bombers will be in and out of a photo before anyone has realised. He will come prepared with his best photo-bomb faces and ruin the photo of a group, who have spent their night calling the photographer over. Job well done mate!


The Exhibitionist


There is always one guy who can’t restrain from stripping off his clothing. No one likes it and no one wants to see it. So zip up those jeans and put your tackle away!


The Drunk Friend Taking Care of the Drunk-er Friend


Amongst the spillage of students out onto the street at the end of the night, you will find this guy. He can barely hold himself up, but as he is in a slightly better state than his friend, he will take upon him the responsibility to ensure they both make it home safely.


The Superbull!


Superbull’s very own celebrity who gets the most attention by far, and oh boy does he love it. It may be the mystery of not knowing who he is or that sexy cape that drives the girls wild. One thing is clear; we just can’t get enough of him.