Student life-hacks

The Tab brings you a more creative side to uni life. Watch and learn.

As students, we spend our lives trying to find quick-fix solutions to pretty much everything, from chores to deadlines, we are just too lazy to find the time to do something right.

So we’ve come up with some clever life hacks that will make your life that bit easier. Because being a student is such hard work.

1. Resourceful reading

Don’t you hate it when your lecturer doles out yet more reading, to add to the endless pile of work you have stacked on your desk? Struggling to motivate yourself? Simply grab a bag of your favourite sweets, place them on random places on the pages of your book, and when you reach a sweet…. Eat it! (Note: If you do this often then you’ll need to have a good dentist.)


Making reading almost bearable.

2. Pardy preparation

If you’re having a “prinking” party and are lacking speakers to bang out some tunes, place your phone/ipod in a glass or a bowl to amplify the beats.

3. Clothes conundrum

Coming to uni, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have millions of clothes, the problem being – your wardrobe is packed, with no space for any of your new purchases from the latest sale. To fix this problem, attach the tabs from fizzy drink cans onto the hanger and slip another hanger through the hole…. Problem solved!

4. Toastie trick

This one is for when you have late-night munchies and fancy cheese on toast, but can’t be bothered to wait for it. Make it quicker by buttering a slice of bread, along with some tasty cheese, turn the toaster sideways and pop them in. 3-4 minutes your cheese on toast will be done. Bingo!

5. Brainy bag

Have a heavy laptop and a sore shoulder? Simply undo the strap, thread it through the handle, and there you have it – a laptop backpack.



6. Clever cooking

Sometimes at grub-time you need to heat several bowls of grub. Quicken the process by putting one bowl to one side, then placing a bowl on top of the mug to heat two bowls at once.


Room for two.