Meet the Teams: Part 2

Meet Lincoln’s Football, Table Tennis and Cricket Teams.

Men’s Football


Lincoln (blue) in action against Bishop Grosseteste

President and manager Josh Nodder said this year ‘we have two teams competing, with objectives of both being top 3 in their leagues, and at least one getting to a cup final.’ First Captain Ricki Paylor added that ‘training is often Mondays, but obviously we play most Saturdays and Sundays so we don’t want to be running the lads rugged. But at the same time we need to be working towards our next match and the teams that we’re up against.’

Josh said that ‘we got a few rivals, but Derby is the one that we always look at because we got them in Varsity. We’ve got bragging rights in varsity over Derby and in the last 2 years we’ve beaten them and they’ve beaten us, so we always look at that fixture.’

JN: ‘We’re now also in a Lincoln Sunday league, we do a lot more in the community and had a community day out recently. We’re open to anyone to come get involved.’

Anyone interested in getting involved with the University of Lincoln Men’s Football team should check out: twitter  @ULMFC which will keep you updated with scores and news of the teams.

 Table Tennis

The Lincoln Table Tennis society was formed in 2012 and had a very successful first year having been nominated for the best new society award, as well as claiming a win against local rivals Derby. Treasurer David Poolan said ‘Table Tennis is available for all levels of players on a Friday afternoon in the sports centre from 3-4:30.  We also have training available during these times with a current Lincolnshire County player.’

The frequent socials which David said are ‘a massive part of the society, we have had many successful ones last year and plan to have many more this year and in the future.’


Looking forward to another successful year.

Cricket Society

Lincoln’s cricket society had a massively successful last year achieving promotion and beating both their rivals; Aston and Nottingham in fiercely contested matches. Cricket president Charles Hudson said ‘we have high hopes of the season to come but know it’s going to be a step up. We’re looking to consolidate our position in the league, anything extra would be a huge bonus. I think we’re ready, we’re training very hard and playing in BUCS indoor leagues as a means of preparing ourselves for the coming season’.

The society still finds time for regular socials ranging from formal socials to the infamous and messy 999 Noah’s Ark social that ‘only 5 people managed to complete’. You have been warned. ‘We’re the greatest society in Lincoln!’


Cricket team photo.