5 minutes with… a fashion student

The Tab catches up with one of Lincoln’s fashionistas

This week we caught up with Charlotte Emily Baker, a fashion studies student in her third year at the University of Lincoln. She tells us all about her course and her dreams for the future.


What made you decide to do fashion at uni?

Originally I had my heart set on studying Prosthetic makeup at the London school of fashion, but halfway into my art foundation course we had to decide our pathways and I felt that fashion was mine.

What is your favourite part of your course?

I would say my favourite part would be the designing because I love collating research and inspiration and making it into a collection.

What collection, that you have designed, are you most proud of?

We were asked to design a collection based on a theme called trend prediction, and to design the collection for a designer. I chose Stella McCartney, because I love her use of modern tailoring and femininity. I then got to make a dress out of the collection, for which I printed my own fabric.#


What are you working on at the minute?

At the moment I am working on various projects, including my Dissertation, competition work, and my final collection.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

I gather inspiration from all around me really, but mainly I love architecture and different textures. I also like going to exhibitions, mainly at the Victoria & Albert museum.

High street or designer, and why?

High street, because they always have affordable items representing what is on the catwalk.

Have you done any internship whilst completing your course?

I did an internship with an accessories designer called Jane Carr this summer.

Where do you want to be after you finish your degree?

I want to have finished travelling and to be working in London.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would to be a Fashion Buyer for a designer.

And finally, if you could only have three items in your wardrobe what would they be and why?

A Leather jacket, because you can wear it to dress down an item or to dress up an item and it never dates. Secondly I would say a shirt because you can layer it up and it goes with everything. Finally, it would be a pair of jeans because you can wear them all year round and they go with almost everything.