LUSST’s Biggest Night of the Year

The Snow Sports society show us thing or two on their messiest night out.

LUSST, the Lincoln Snow Sports Society, hosted their legendary Halloween night last week. We went along to the notorious night, and here’s what went down.


The LUSST (Snow Sports) group photo

The unforgettable night began in Revolution and eventually ending a fair few hours later in Shuffle, Engine Shed.

In Revs we received our pub golf cards, telling us what we had to drink and exactly we were supposed to drink it. In typical, LUSST- outsider fashion, I embarrassingly downed a Beck’s in four, instead of two. I’d lost my touch since last year, my nerves were getting to me – people started to whisper ‘he could only do it in 4?’.

I would have to redeem myself. However, I was not the worst. A friend, wishing to keep his identity secret to protect his dignity had already found himself, head over a toilet seat throwing up a rainbow of colours, all down to pre-drinks apparently.


Next were Craft and Walkabout, 2 holes in 1. Just like Fernando Torres, I was back.

Following was the Forum, Sambuca shots, easy.

Next was Trebles, somehow myself and some friends were allowed microphones where we gave a rousing rendition of Bon Jovi: Living on a prayer.

This is where it gets hazy. I have no memory of the next 4 places: Varsity, L4, Lloyds and Platform.We all eventually ended up in Shuffle Engine Shed where the night finished before going to McDonalds to top off another typically classy LUSST night.