The Tab tries pumpkin carving

Halloween is here! Who’s handy with a knife?

It’s Halloween! For students this is yet another reason to go out drinking and skip lectures, but most importantly get carving some pumpkins.

The cheap, tacky decorations are up around Lincoln, silhouettes of skeletons hang from every flat, and pumpkins in the window send an evil glare to that annoying flat opposite.

My flat is no different: on Saturday we put up our decorations, had a drink and carved pumpkins (not a great combination).

After surprisingly more effort than I had expected, the top of the pumpkin was off, the insides were horrifically emptied and we began working on the face.

halloween 1

Getting rid of the gunk.

We went with the typical and easiest, triangle eyes and ugly block teeth. A real classic.

halloween 3

Is this the scariest pumpkin in Lincoln? We think so.

We ended up carving another pumpkin which did have a slightly less traditional design. Well, we’ll let you decide what it looks like.

halloween 2

Contemporary art.