The Ghosts of Lincoln

Lincoln’s local ghosts: get into the Halloween spirit.

Lincoln’s castle and cathedral are known for their medieval backgrounds and just how well preserved they have been kept. But these two are also the most common locations for ghost sightings around the city.

The Horseman

According to official sightings a horseman was first spotted in 1992 by a night worker who claims to have seen the horseman charging towards him at the castle gates. The worker screamed to open the gates, but the rider soon vanished into thin air.


The Cleric

A ghost of a cleric is also said to live only meters away at the Lincoln cathedral. This holy man has been sighted numerous times walking up and down the steps of the cathedral wearing chains around his neck.

This however isn’t the only ghost found haunting the cathedral, people say they have also seen a woman falling from the roof. In the 1960’s a woman called Constance committed suicide from the top of the cathedral and her ghost is said to play this event over and over again.

lincoln cathedral

The Glass Maker

Finally, the spirit of a glass maker has haunted the cathedral grounds for years. You can still see a permanent bloodstain outside the cathedral where he is said to have landed after killing himself. After all these years no manmade material has yet been able to clear away the blood stain.

If these stories aren’t enough to spook you, take part in the ghost walk around Lincoln to hear more. It is guaranteed to help you get into that Halloween spirit!