MISSING: Deathroy the Goose

Lincoln University’s beloved goose, Deathroy, is MISSING!

Deathroy, Lincoln University’s famous ‘goose that thinks it’s a Swan’ has been reported missing from the university campus.

The seven-year-old Twente Landrace Goose was last spotted around the Brayford this summer, but has not been seen since September.

James Miller, founder of  ‘Deathroy the Goose’ Facebook fan page had this to say on Deathroys disappearance: “I last saw him at the beginning of August when I was going back home for the summer. When I returned in September for my third year, he was no where to be seen.”

“Deathroy has gained many admirers in the recent years and has got a following on facebook. To some, he is a role model.”

Mr Miller also said, “I have been making enquiries into his whereabouts, and once I have some solid information I will be posting it on to his facebook page.”

Before his disappearance, Deathroy had been seen fighting with local Swans on the Brayford and honking at passers by.

Deathroy also made the following statement on his Facebook page on 21st February 2013, in reference to the appearance of a flock of Canada Geese on the Brayford, “There is only room for one goose in this lake, someone better warn this poser to quack off before I start getting gangster.”

There are rumours circulating that Deathroy may have been taken and eaten by locals, but this cannot be confirmed.

Anyone with any information on the disappearance or the whereabouts of Deathroy is asked to contact ‘Deathroy the Goose’ Facebook page as soon as possible.