How to start a band at Lincoln

Feeling that teenage angst? Here are our tips for starting your own bad…just let it out.


Bands at Lincoln – there aren’t many of you. And you aren’t playing enough shows for me to review, and if you are, you ain’t promoting them right.

The music scene in Lincoln is a dying whore, and I reckon it’s going to take a lot more than a few hardcore bands, screaming at six punters and a dog in the gay bar down town to clean her up and set her striding tall again.

So here’s what you need to do:

 1. Grab some mates.

Trivial things like talent and ability will be picked up along the way, so just grab a bunch of guys with student overdrafts and a lot of spare time and go from there.


2. Write five or so songs about how fucking angsty and insightful you are.

Song writing is difficult – a beautiful song is your everest, but you’re not Tenzig Norgay (first man to climb everest) so aim for snowdon”

3. Get that shit on tape.

Book yourselves a day in a budget studio, price range of about £100-£200 a day – you don’t want to splash out just yet. And record your two favourite songs.

4. Start promoting.

Tell everyone. Tell absolutely everyone you know and thrust a demo CD into their hand – and if they like you, they’ll tell other people. Then find some promoters and do the same via email, phone or face to face. Whatever, just sell, sell, sell.

 5. Gig, gig, gig.

Take every show you’re offered, and play every single show like you’re headlining Glasto. No one wants to watch five miserable lads standing static on stage waiting for the song to end, so just get into it and enjoy it. Play like that and you’ll get booked again, and then shit, you’re on your way to being a rock star.

Seems easy enough right? Wrong. Being in a band and actually striving to succeed in said band is the most tedious, stressful and downright arduous task I have ever undertaken, if you’re going for it, then be prepared. Fortune favours the brave my friends, so go out and do it. Being in a band is an absolute blast. You might as well.

And if you haven’t got the balls for band life, just go out and DJ like everyone else.