Beans On Toast Challenge

I tried eating beans on toast everyday for a week. Here’s what happened.

Who could forget that classic old stereotype that us students survive on nothing but cheap baked beans, pot noodles, and anything that takes under 3 minutes to cook in the microwave.

We love bargains, sometimes we forget to question whether that 30p lasagne actually contains any real meat, and will wait it out until closing time to grab those reduced raspberry donuts at Morrison’s.

But could you imagine if we only really ate the food our parents think we do? I tried exactly that.

Feeling determined

After filling my cupboard with 12 cans of beans and 2 loaves of bread for the amazing grand total of £3.98, I was feeling pretty determined. Really, how hard could it be to eat beans on toast for a whole week?

Doing well

I’m on my seventh meal and I haven’t even broken a sweat yet. I could definitely do this when I’m down to the last £20 of my overdraft, this is super easy.

Pringle jealousy

Well, I’m half way there, I think; it’s all just a blur of beans now. I’m sat here with my gazzilionth plate of beans, watching my mate scoff down a tube full of Pringles. I confess, I may have had one…or two…or three. I have no regrets.


Alright, I admit it, I failed miserably. I can’t even glance at a tin of Morrisons own without my stomach churning, and I’m pretty sure I’ve consumed so much bread I think I might have done some serious damage. In my defense, only an idiot would turn down free pizza.